Our volunteer programme is for all who are interested in learning the true meaning of horsemanship. Based on the old riding masters and natural horsemanship, Symbiosis philosophy is our way of life here in Pikdame. When you join one of our programmes you will learn the art of riding (riding is not compulsory) alongside learning to communicate with horses in a respectful and meaningful way.

All our horses been rescued in the past from a very uncertain future and now, with the help of our training have become true school masters.

What are my duties at Pikdame?

Caretaking activities during a day may involve the following:

• Preparation of feed

• Feeding horses

• Maintenance, repair, and cleaning of paddocks

• Giving care and attention to the horses, taking them for grass etc.

• Grooming horses

• Educating others about the treatment of horses

• Helping with young or recently rescued animals

Who Can Volunteer at Pikdame?

Any person who is not afraid of hard work, outdoor weather, love for nature and animals in general and last but not least, who is not afraid to look inwards and grow personally.

Our volunteering programme minimum stay is three months, to be able to cultivate our teachings and create a stronger bond with the horses. This will benefit both the volunteers as well as the horses. 

No experience with horses is needed, but the right attitude and a sound work ethic are necessary. If you are interested in learning and training with us. For the right candidate, there are Pikdame sponsorships you can apply for, where you could get the British Horse Society international equestrian qualifications. For more information contact us at info@pikdame.io

Volunteering at Pikdame is a useful experience for those studying to become vets, equine physios, grooms, riders, or those who are looking toward specializing in larger animals. As we work a lot on ourselves, it is also a fantastic opportunity for anyone studying psychology, alternative therapies, or counseling.

Here are a few characteristics that are nice to have if you decide to become a volunteer here at Pikdame. It’s not necessary to tick all the boxes of course but it’s a good guideline to take into account if you’re not entirely sure. 

We would like you to be a team player, with good a work ethic, be responsible, be caring, be physically fit, flexible, and enthusiastic with a never-ending love for horses.

Our volunteering requires you to pay a 500€ fee per month. This fee will help with your accommodation and food expenses and some of your training.

5 Benefits of Volunteering at Pikdame

By volunteering with us, you will be part of a project wanting to change the equestrian world towards an informed, ethical, and respectful education with horses, aiding for the industry to become sustainable. With your support caretaking activities along with our program,  will be part of a revolutionary change by giving voice to an alternative equestrian sport.

Volunteers will learn a lot more about horses in general as well as what it takes to take good care of them. You’ll gain insight into their healing qualities. Dedicating time and taking care of these noble creatures of nature will teach you a lot about yourself, take our word on it.

Besides forging a profound connection with the horses, volunteers will also connect with other like-minded horse lovers who share similar interests (we only allow two volunteers at a time). 

If you’re an adventurer and love to travel, nothing will stop you from discovering the world. Grasp this chance to explore your surroundings and immerse yourself in nature. Perhaps on horseback! We are based in a super beautiful region in Spain, Catalonia.