For horses


We have been training horses for more than 20 years, and we carry on doing so in a non-threatening and stressful free environment.

We use all our knowledge of horse behaviour, natural horsemanship and horse biomechanics to rehabilitate horses physically and mentally, and to help any horse to become secure and brave.

We base our teaching in the work of the classical masters to achieve perfect harmony between the horses’ body and mind.
 Horses performing their jobs happily focused, relaxed and willing, enable them to enjoy the experience of working together with us and reaching common goals.

We work developing their natural abilities and strengthening their weaknesses, to get closer to the idea of two bodies working as one.

We can also help you in starting your youngster; from groundwork up to the levels of dressage or jumping world.

For the more willing, we offer the possibility of learning to train your horse with us.

To achieve the best results we recommend a minimum of two sessions a week. The price of the training starts at 60€ per session.


We have different choices when it comes to keeping horses, but all come with the same goal in mind: the welfare and wellbeing of our host, the horses.

Fresh air and open space, good quality food with a well-balanced diet, interaction with other horses and a team dedicated to taking care of their needs which are the pillars of our livery service. Every horse is unique and our main goal is to provide and cover each individual needs.

Tidiness and a clean environment are essential, so to make it possible and to guarantee our horses wellbeing, our stables and paddocks are mucked out twice a day.

We only feed top quality hay, four times a day, giving our horses the opportunity to graze all day. We do complement their food supply, when needed, three times a day.

Livery with stable: we understand our horses needs that’s why we offer the full commodity of a thick bed of shavings, on a 3.5m x 3.5m tropical wooden stable alongside a minimum of 8 hours in a paddock, changing of blankets and rugs, daily picking and cleaning of the hooves and full ad lib hay. All inclusive in the price, 550 per month with VAT.

Livery in Paddock: our paddock option is for all the customers that believe horses should be out with their friends 24/7. Being in Spain adds to the weather always being mild, so its perfect for our steeds. Our paddocks are built intelligently, making the horses move and be active so it aids in keeping them fit and healthy. Our paddocks are big, designed to keep small groups of three to six horses living together. This is the best option as they get to interact and keep up with their social skills, whilst playing, eating and sunbathing.

We also cater smaller paddocks for horses who have injuries, stallions, or horses for whatever  reason can not be kept in a group.

The paddock option also comes with the daily care of the hooves, blanket and rugs caring and full ad liv hay. Price is 350€ with VAT included.

Holidays and retreats are also available for the ones who wish to give their horse a break in a beautiful and relaxed setting. Please let us know what do you need and we will give you a quote.



More and more costumers believe our privileged location allows welcoming horses on transit. The proximity to the AP-7 motorway, a gas petrol station really close by and having two different areas on our American built barn, provides an ideal place to stop for professional transport companies, sport horses on their way to competitions or anyone travelling. We live in the premises, so we are open 24 hours for all the ones who are in transit.

We do offer accommodation on site for grooms and drivers if needed, electricity for the trucks, free WIFI and free use of restrooms and showers.

Our spacious and clean wooden stables are fit for the more special of the horses. You are welcome to use our arenas and walker if needed.

We can also offer a long stay for travellers and their horses. For more information and prices, do not hesitate to contact us

Price starts at 35€ including VAT per night and horse.