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We offer lessons for all levels, from beginners to professionals, in hand or ridden. From basic groundwork and all levels up to pialffer, pirouette, liberty and connection training or for the big gun jumps of 135cm plus. We have horses to help you reach the level you would like to achieve.

We specialise in solving any problems horse and rider may encounter.


We educate riders on learning on how to sit on the horses in a neutral classical position, to allow for balance and security for the rider on the back of the horse, aiding the horse to be able to carry the weight of the rider in a healthy and safe way.

We also share our knowledge in horse behaviour and biomechanics with the 20 years of experience and continuous learning we have gained under our belts to help you build a healthy and sound relationship with horses.

Our lessons are up to a maximum of two people so we can ensure the best teaching environment and quality learning.

Each student learns to tack up and groom by themselves, and a single lesson starts at 65€ VAT included. We offer the possibility to buy a 10 lesson card, priced at 600€ VAT included.

For more than two lessons per week check with us for discount and special offers:


Both Arnau and Iris have been in the competition scene themselves, therefore know first hand know how to help you get there with dedication and determination. Arnau was in the show jumping scene and has lots of experience in training kids on the Spanish competitions grounds. His sound knowledge of the rules, and his eye for the right move will definitely help you to get the best out of you and your horse.

Iris scene is eventing, but in the recent years has taken a special interest in the work in hand offered in the Alta Escuela, thus helping your horse engaging his body and mind to be one with you.

Getting the rider focused and in the correct mindset, we carefully plan a training programme and show calendars for rider and horse. Providing support at the competition ring are only some of the services we offer when training with us.

We know, as a rider, emotional growth and feel are a key to success.  Our training focuses a lot on the mind of the rider, helping overcome mental blocks and fears.

This lessons are aimed to all equestrian coaches, competitors, instructors, judges, trainers, alongside all the younger generation of riders who would like to embark into the equestrian competition world.

Commitment and availability for training at least twice a week are a must for it to be successful.

Price is 55€ including VAT. A discount of a 10% is granted for gold membership members of Pikdame or Symbiosis, Catalan or Spanish Federation Card Holders and BHS Members.

I you would like to discuss further lesson planning and prices, do not hesitate to contact us on

We like to support the next generation of trainers and professional riders, also being able to provide you with a competition horse.



Our Pikdame centre prepares students for both the National Spanish Qualifications and the well-known international British Horse Society Qualifications. (BHS)

Our centre is the center of choice when looking to take your passion into your profession and we have chosen the BHS qualifications since these are the only qualifications known and are the worldwide standard.

We are the only BHS approved Center in Spain to train for the Stages up to  stage III. Our courses range from a variety of different paths to a career with horses: from management and care, riding from dressage to jumping and cross country. Each student can choose the career path that most suits their personality and skills.

The lessons for our BHS students host a maximum of 4 students per lesson as we like to give the most from our coaches to our future equestrians. Each student has their own tailored made personal plan as we, at Pikdame, pride ourselves in the personalised attention we give to our students; our success in training is well known.

At this current time, the exams centres are based in Ireland and England, but we are planning in the near future to host them in Pikdame.

English is preferred as a training language, but the possibility to get a translator IN THE DAY OF THE EXAM, is also given.

Our head of the BHS training is Iris Ferré, and after our initial evaluation, she will dedicate to personalise the training for each student, to maximise the success of each and every one of our candidates.

Our Centre welcomes the candidates’ horses if they wish, to train alongside to get the most of the BHS and the Symbiosis philosophy.

Our courses run from October to July, from 08:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday.

To be able to secure a place with us an inscription fee of 1500€ VAT included is needed, and then a monthly payment of 650€ included VAT.

An 10‰ discount will apply for the students who wish to bring their horse in our premises, members of the Spanish and Catalan Equestrian Federation and BHS members.

A 15% discount when payed the full amount of the course.

We welcome international students and can provide accommodation if needed.  If you require accommodation please let us know when booking.


 All our mounts are well trained and connected horses, therefore a minimum of walk, trot, and canter in balance is required to be able to ride out of our premises. This is to ensure your safety as well as our horses wellbeing.

A first assessment is required to come out and join our activities with horses outdoors.

Our beach rides take a minimum of six hours on the back of the horses, so a minimum fitness and endurance level is required on behalf of the riders. We set off usually early in the morning and we travel through the river bed all the way down to the Cambrils beach. There we enjoy swimming and gallops along the beach, with a packed lunch before returning home. Age is not important as long as the level of riding is adequate. Its the perfect day out for friends and family members that enjoy the same hobby: horse riding.

Hacks are 60€ including VAT per person and the duration is an hour. Two hours 95€ including VAT.

Beach ride 150€ including VAT per person. Minimum 6 hours .

On foot with horses is our newest addition: offers the possibility for the people who enjoy the company of horses to take a walk with them on foot. Enjoy the connection and the informative talks of Iris or Arnau. Its the perfect combination for all the ones who would love to enjoy a quiet and picturesque walk at ground level!

 Please allow 1/2 an hour for grooming and greeting of the horses.

Price is 50€ including VAT for an hour.


Equestrian vaulting, or simply vaulting, is most often described as gymnastics and dance on horseback, which can be practiced both competitively or non-competitively. Vaulting has a history as an equestrian act at circuses, but its origins stretch back at least two-thousand years.

We start pupils as young as 5 years old and up to 15 years old.

Price per lesson is 20 € including VAT.

For booking a spot, more information and group lessons please ask


One to one lessons on line can be booked with either Iris or Arnau. We can help you even if you are far, far away from any destination in the world!

From theory lessons to lessons on the ground or mounted. Please contact us if you wish to book for on line lessons.

Price for the lesson is 50€ including VAT.

If you would like to arrange a longer stay with us, training with our horses or yours, please get in touch.


Only during summer holidays from June to August.

Every parent wants to see their child succeed. They want their child to be happy, healthy, and to become a thriving adult. When your child struggles to meet expectations or lacks the motivation to succeed, it can be heartbreaking. You believe in them and wish that they could see themselves the way that you do.

Our boot camps with horses helps bring purpose and a sense of belonging, horses bring structure and respect alongside the discipline and commitment they need for their daily care.

It´s a way of learning new skills whilst engaging teenagers and kids emotionally and physically.

Languages we offer are Spanish, Catalan and English.

The training camps run from Monday to Saturday, accommodation, food and two hours training with horses. For longer stays please contact us.

Price is 750€ including VAT



Enjoy an incredible experience with us

 I doesn’t matter if it’s your first contact with horses, you have already been around them or are an expert, at Pikdame we would like to offer another completely new way to see and feel horses. Live the experience through a systemic view. A very human and holistic way to look at them. Learn to communicate with them with their own language whilst enjoying their company.

We are 10 minutes away from Reus, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Baix Camp, with great installations for our horses and customers.

Here you will be able to ground yourself with nature, surrounded by all the beautiful animals we have at Pikdame (dogs, cats, peacocks, geese, ducks.. amongst other funny animals)

Observing them roaming and living free you will connect and see facets you never thought of before. Your heart will warm up.

Only 15 minutes away from Cambrils and Salou, Pikdame is the perfect place to relax and unwind. We have various accommodation, glamping offers are:

The Caravane Deux and the Wooden Cabin.

Both accommodations are wooden builds, and can host a couple comfortably. Included are a mini kitchen with fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster, etc.The Caravan Delux also has space for two children if you are planning to come with the family.

We offer the possibility to have meals with us or to use the utilities in your accommodation. We can also offer the possibility to refresh yourself in one of our antic pools, sunbath or just rest by it.

 Live weekend experiences and submerge yourself in a world where you can let your senses guide you and you can relax your mind.

One night 275€ per person
Two nights 395€ per person
More information, email us on