“Coaching with horses” does not mean riding horses. Thus the participants do not need any experience with horses.

It’s no secret the nature of horses can help us to become more emotionally, physically and mentally aware and balanced, therefore, aid us with the way we interact with the world.

Self-discovery, self-mastery, and awareness of the possibilities of change can transform your potential. New attitudes and skills can empower you to make confident and considered decisions. By taking control of challenging situations in your personal and professional life,  can lead yourself to greater freedom.

Horses have an amazing ability to pick up on our true emotions and reflect to our authentic self, they mirror us. The horse´s behaviour helps us to uncover and understand the dynamics of our social interactions, our personal boundaries and our communication style.


Coaching for managers and their teams is rightly more and more estimated as a new way to perform and achieve higher results in companies. Let´s magnify and share your talents!

Leadership skills, team working and hierarchy are only some of the subjects we work on.

Together with the guidance of Arnau Gomà, an excellent horseman and Gestalt coach, and our horses, we will help you and your team to get where your company needs to be.

Our coaching has an impact in many areas:

On a learning level and in terms of speed of acquisition, it helps to digest and convey information in a clearer and more direct way, with a profound and lasting effect. This contributes to greater success in implementing an action plan once back in the daily work environment. Since it is an activity carried out in nature, with the beautiful and tranquil surroundings we have in Pikdame, it breaks with the daily routine of the office, and generates a high degree of participation and commitment and envisions the team in a different light.

For the daily events we offer BBQ’s and beverages, as this too helps to bring people together and interact with one another.

For the big spenders, we offer holiday courses for coaches and their groups.

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Our kids are the future. Having them engaged with the natural world and staying grounded is essential for their wellbeing, upbringing and their future. At Pikdame we know it, that is why we have developed the programme “ The Secret Language of Horses”, bringing the magic into your school.

Connecting with their emotions and gaining new communication skills, the interaction and observation of horses helps to develop confidence, self-esteem, boundaries, and caring skills into a very important stage in their lives.

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Horses lead us to our true essence. From tapping to your unleashed potential, to become more assertive, to gain self esteem and confidence, to energize yourself and to overcome  fear and anxiety, …Arnau and the horses will help you develop the attributes and attitude you need to navigate through life in a more content and happy manner.

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Our centre is supported by a team of physiotherapists and specialised instructors.

Our horses are trained to have the correct biomechanics and movement to ensure our clients get not only the emotional benefits, but also the full physical benefits to help improve the motor and sensorial skills of each individual.

There is a choice of 1/2 hour and 45 min sessions depending on age and attention spam of the rider.

We also offer ground sessions.

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Enjoy an incredible experience with us

 I doesn’t matter if it’s your first contact with horses, you have already been around them or are an expert, at Pikdame we would like to offer another completely new way to see and feel horses. Live the experience through a systemic view. A very human and holistic way to look at them. Learn to communicate with them with their own language whilst enjoying their company.

We are 10 minutes away from Reus, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Baix Camp, with great installations for our horses and customers.

Here you will be able to ground yourself with nature, surrounded by all the beautiful animals we have at Pikdame (dogs, cats, peacocks, geese, ducks.. amongst other funny animals)

Observing them roaming and living free you will connect and see facets you never thought of before. Your heart will warm up.

Only 15 minutes away from Cambrils and Salou, Pikdame is the perfect place to relax and unwind. We have various accommodation, glamping offers are:

The Caravane Deux and the Wooden Cabin.

Both accommodations are wooden builds, and can host a couple comfortably. Included are a mini kitchen with fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster, etc.The Caravan Delux also has space for two children if you are planning to come with the family.

We offer the possibility to have meals with us or to use the utilities in your accommodation. We can also offer the possibility to refresh yourself in one of our antic pools, sunbath or just rest by it.

 Live weekend experiences and submerge yourself in a world where you can let your senses guide you and you can relax your mind.

One night 275€ per person
Two nights 395€ per person
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