PikDame was created to become a space where to enjoy calmness and tranquility, a place to develop our talents and enjoy building up a relationship and friendship with horses, a relationship were mutual respect and understanding are the solid ground where to build further .  A physical space as well as an emotional place to be.
In a world where everything happens really fast, where people are used to get everything immediately, we have created a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere balancing love, trust, admiration and courtesy towards those magnificent animals.

We believe in horse riding being a fun activity for everyone involved in it, and that is one of our main goals when doing our job, horse and rider have to enjoy their time together, they have to work as a team otherwise sooner or later their relationship will collapse and their experience will not be pleasant.

We provide our customers with the language and communication skills needed to understand each other, in a pleasant fluent way.

Our main purpose is to create an environment where horses and riders are happy.