Iris founded Symbiosis in 2016 after a burnt out from the equine industry. Iris came to Europe decided to change the way we humans relate to horses after finding out most of the problems we face with our horses are manmade; those are as a consequence of the mix max communication there is between horses and humans, the misunderstandings between what we think we ask and of what really ask to our horses.

Symbiosis was born. Thanks to years of experience and inspiration troubled horses and their owners gave me. Symbiosis is a way to find common ground and achieve the goals we humans set for horses, no matter the discipline, without suffering .

The Symbiosis approach to horsemanship is one of a kind; balancing mind, body and spirit, of both, horses and humans. And for us, to be able to be the best version of ourselves whilst enjoying our path of growth with a true partnership. Reaching yours and your horse´s top potential.
At Symbiosis we hope we can be part of your journey.


Iris Ferré is a British Horse Society trained Equestrian Coach (BHSIV), Equine Sports Therapist and behaviourist, mindfulness instructor amongst others.
Iris always had a never ending want for knowledge about horses, since the start of her professional career at 19 years old in Spain, Iris has never stopped studying and learning about this magnificent animals.
Iris spent 13 of her formative years working within the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment where her skills were used to retrain horses with behavioural problems and rehabilitating horses which had been resting due to injury.
Her tireless passion and love for horses have taken Iris around the world. Iris has worked with many horses in varying disciplines, from racing, to eventing, dressage and more recently Alta Escuela. And Iris´s tireless passion for horses has taken her in remote places like Sudan or Dubai, and other closer to home, Germany, England and the Netherlands.
Iris loves sharing her knowledge with everybody who is willing to learn as she strongly believes that most of the people’s problems with their horses are because of the diluted or lack of information and rushed lives our society is based upon nowadays.
Iris feels that many of the challenges our horses face stem from our fast paced, ‘modern’ lives taking away the foundations of riding and horsemanship. Iris’s methods take the relationship between horse and rider back to basics; taking the time to educate and develop a respectful and harmonious partnership. Relationships like these have no time constraints once established;
Iris hopes her training methods and ethos will reach a wider audience.
Iris has admired many equestrians throughout her childhood and adult life. Riding Instructor and author, Molly Sivewright, British Eventers Mary King and William Fox-Pitt and New Zealander, Mark Todd are just a few of the people she feels have influenced her in her career goals and working practice.
In recent years, Iris has been studying and practising the theories and principles of Danish equestrian Klaus Ferdinand Hemphling, The Academic Art of Riding with Bent Banderup, Marjike de Jong and her Straightness Training, and the teaching of The Nevzorov Haute Ecole.
Warwick Shiller and Anna Blake´s teachings on horsemanship and vital writings have influenced her on her training and coaching through the years.
Iris has also observed the work of Nuno Oliviera; She has also studied the works of renaissance riders Pluvinel, Baucher, le Cadre Noir which most of them used humane, logical and systematic training methods in the foundation of their equestrian practice.General Decarpentry or Etienne Beudant have also fascinated her and influenced, especially when working on horses no body gave their time of the day.
Iris uses all these influences knowledge and many years of experience when teaching her clients to ensure the best possible learning experience and outcome.


An integral part for Symbiosis is creating the bond which is developed from working the horse from the ground.  Once communication is established here, we move onto the riding part.  We teach riders and horses to communicate correctly and solve any miscommunications which may occur along the way.  Slowly the true ‘feeling’ of riding reveals itself; words such as lightness and harmony are understood and enjoyed by both horse and rider. At Symbiosis we always keep the horse’s best interests at the heart of what we do.
All horses and riders are different.  We take time to ensure that every horse has the opportunity to bond and connect with his/her rider.  Using patience, understanding and unconditional love for our horses we slowly see the connection that escapes so many.  Once the connection is made we encourage the horse and rider to have the confidence to express themselves freely, knowing that the special bond they have created will not be broken.
When this harmony is achieved, for us at Symbiosis, this is when the magic happens
No previous experience is needed to train with us, but access to a horse 5 hours a week min. is needed for the online course.
Different programs to fit different humans:
At Pikdame: the course  starts from October 5th to 31st of July. From 8 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday.
An inscription fee of 1750 € and a monthly payment of 650€
On line course: the course is made of different modules where you pay for each module. AT THE START OF EACH MODULE, you have 10 days training with us at Pikdame.
Each module costs 1900€.