The yard

Our American built yard has been developed to ensure the equine and human clients comfort.

We do have 3 rings with silica sand footage to exercise and train:

  • round pen
  • 40 x 20 outdoor dressage arena
  • 37 x 68 outdoor arena.
  • We also are equipped with a four horse walker with rubber footing, providing a firm and suitable surface for the horse to walk on, keeping them sound and healthy whilst exercising.
  • Our barn has 28 stables (3, 5 m x 3,5 m) each of them fitted with a window providing fresh air and a great view at our yard patio,
  • 3 tack rooms, shower inside the barn with rubber footing warm water, tacking up area with rubber footing as well, solarium, laundry room, tack shop, and a library and recreation areas with free WIFI.

Our paddocks offer a place for our horses to interact with each other naturally, a safe environment where to play, exercise, relax or simply enjoy mutual company.

Have a look at our smart paddocks.