Training camps

Our training camps are designed to offer a suitable environment in which to train and have fun while improving your riding skills and horsemanship.  Immerse yourself in a learning experience and take your knowledge to a higher level.

Kids camps : kid camps take place during school holidays, from the age of eight we cover practical and theory  lessons, in a fun and entertaining way. The program covers a wide range of activities; handling, riding, stable management, work in hand, lunging lessons, and lots of other fun activities which improve their skills and confidence around horses without realizing. Our training puts emphasis on the values of our philosophy towards horses, especially when forming the future of the riding community.

Training camps for the adult rider: the program will be designed specifically to cover all the client’s needs, including practical and theory lessons. A prior assessment will be made to optimize your learning adventure and tie with us.  Acomodación on site and meals are available on request.

Contact us and find out more about the possibilities PikDame can unravel for you.