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Klaus landed at Pikdame as a debt settlement; an old german horse dealer working in Spain left some unpaid bills, and Klaus and a couple of ponies more was his way to settle the debt. Klaus is a beautiful dark bay warmblood; when we started working him he was very nervous and was one of those horses who runs away from the leg; he would bury his head onto his chest, fall on the forehand and run, and if one tried to stop him by puling on the reins, he would let them know that wasn’t the way by pulling them harder and running ; he is now able to keep his mind most of the time relaxed, and we can ride him bitless, just with a cavesson. He is the master in teaching our pupils the weight aids and the gentle changes of balance when riding using your core. He is a super intelligent horse whose passage is to amazing.
Still, I would like to see a little bit more of a bump on him, but with time and the right training we will get them. Ah, I nearly forgot to tell you his age, he is 21! and although his left hind being a little stiff, one would not imagine his age while seeing him working. Born 1999.


Klaus, great on teaching where fair boundaries and limits should be placed and how to be maintained. He does a great job with people who has temper issues or engages in anti social behaviour.

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