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Katoki is our warmblood who is very well bred, he was pushed and trained hard in his younger days as he had to perform at a very high standard like his siblings. He was put in places no horse should be put to make him excitable and flashy like his siblings, and was disregarded as useless and that is why Arnau was able to get him. Not long he arrived at home we realised he had long toe, low heel syndrome and a series of body unbalances derived of its condition alongside bad riding. We have spent the last 4 years working him in hand to rebalance his body, and just last September we started the riding work again.


He is on sale as his great potential as a jumping and dressage horse nowadays and personality makes him perfect for the young competitor. He has not problem in jumping a 1.30 course. Not overly confident on water, but with the right training he will have no problem. He has started with the piaffe in hand as well. He is a handsome ginger boy which measures 17.3 hh (180.34 cm). Born 2007.


Katoki is our gentle giant, and when kids or adults with mobility problems come to us, he is the guy who we call for.

Sponsorship Goal 5400 Euro

Sponsorship Needed 5300Euro
Sponsorship Raised Up to Today 100Euro