Aquil.les is the younger of our horses. He is the first horse being bred and raised at Pikdame. Started his training under saddle at 4 and after just two months he was already at his first jumping competition. He is brilliant to work with, a really clever horse that learns super fast, get him working for you and there is nothing he will not do. He is our work in hand teacher for the novice students.


Caputxina is our palomino pony. She is always up for a challenge and likes to jump; Caputxina is the one helping us to get our riders get their first feeling for jumping, and for the more experienced ones a super fun pony to ride on the flat and over obstacles.  She is a mare, and as all quality mares, she needs lots of TLC and being handled with fairness.


Chacco is a “I can do it all” kind of pony: work in hand not a problem, lunging lesson not a problem, jumping not a problem; he is what anyone would call an allrounder. Offer him a challenge and he will face it and overcome it when ridden properly.


Clyde might be small in size but he doesn’t know it. He is a strong character and very clever one as well. He has been with us for the last five years and given us lots of moments we will not forget. He will definitely make you smile when he comes up with one of his little “punky” pranks he likes to do every now and then.



Jackson is a true schoolmaster, shoulder-in, quarters in, pirouettes, flying changes etc. No dressage movement is too challenging for him.  He can perform all advanced dressage movements giving the feel to riders and helping them prepare for higher grounds. He is a thoroughbred and as any good thoroughbred very sensible with the riders emotions and energy. He is a great horse to play and to learn about yourself.


Katoki is our babarian warmblood. He is one of our advanced horses, a dream to ride whom is always willing to help the rider. He is a very powerful horse which can jump, do dressage, take you eventing  and whilst always taking good care of you. If you book a lunging lesson with us, Katoki is going to be your teacher; he has got a great movement and alongside with his nice temperament will allow you to work on your position and seat.




Klaus is our gentle giant, our big oldenburg. He was bred in germany  and came to us 5 years ago. He is a great horse to work with. No matter if it is a jumping lesson or a dressage one, his willingness to work for you will give you a super feel and a great experience on the ring. Not for beginners.


Nana is a sweetheart, she is the one that helps the beginners get a feel for horse riding, she is always taking good care of their riders and makes sure they are safe. She is our main hippotherapy pony, very reliable and relaxed. She likes her job and is keen to do it with lots of patience and care.



Rapunzel is our 10 years old welsh pony. She is the princess of the yard: she moves like one, acts like one and likes to be treated like one. But don’t be fooled, she is not only a pretty face: she is a great jumping teacher and if ridden with the heart, she will not let you down.