Our horses need help! They have been an asset for the community helping disadvantaged people whom struggle either emotionally, physically or both. With the lack of help from institutions and the lockdown we can not afford to pay their maintenance any longer, please, we need your help so our horses can carry on helping people, more so, after the pandemic.

If you can, please give us a hand; no matter how much!

If you are able to give a little or a lot, any bit of help will be greatly appreciated; please share and help us, and don’t forget to look at our packages.

In 2006 my passion and love for the horses drove me to open one of the best riding centres in Spain; the lack of quality installations and expertise in our area was perfect for a project like mine; tones of paperwork later, thousands of hours and euros, in 2010 the first horses start coming in.

Joyful and hard working times ahead, but offering the best services for horses and riders, training young riders for competitions with a more outside the box approach was all I needed to carry on my dream and Pikdame team was starting to get placed and more people where looking into coming in our centre. We were full; things could not go any better, we had grown and business was flourishing… but there was something, I couldn’t pin point at the time, all my love and passion suddenly no longer was there. I was not able to connect with it any longer.

I was running all day long so to make sure our customers where happy, so many horses were dumped in my centre as if they were bicycles, having a great box  and “care” but nobody coming to see them; my dream had turned into a nightmare, everyday when I was going down the yard all I could see was lots of unhappy horses; i was spending extra time with those, taking them to stretch them out or in the walker, but that meant I could not longer have time for my own.

In the middle of all this emotional mayhem, I seriously started thinking of closing down. I could not bare seeing those sad eyes any longer. I was trapped in a rat race, I could not keep up with it. Our success had been our failure/defeat.

It was during this emotional and professional turmoil that a whole new understanding for horses had started to arise, and with that, another way of training, being with them and caring for them; thus Pikdame and Symbiosis started this project together.

Alongside the union, a new approach was needed: we started the transition from shoed to barefoot, we built paddocks and placed our horses in groups, we started the rehabilitation of our horses by working them in hand until they became stronger in their bodies and minds to be able to be ridden, and slowly but surely everything started to change, and horses that previously had lameness and behavioural issues, started to unfold into amazing partners, willing and available. The dressage for the horse, not the horse for the dressage. That was and is, our motto.

A few years have passed, the horses have progressed magnificently and have become the masters in teaching our pupils the true equestrian art. We as trainers, have evolved and changed through the years too, Iris and me fell in love, and just a couple of years ago had a precious little girl, Valentina.

All the little seeds planted over the past few years were starting to not only flourish, also to become economically viable.  More ethically and sustainable projects were coming our way, and with that, also came the covid-19. The lockdown took place, and our sponsor also had to leave.

This is the reason we have been working on this page; we desperately need help to firstly, carry on feeding and taking care of the horses. Secondly to keep paying the wages and our taxes to carry on this wonderful, game changing project not only for the equestrian community, but for any and each of you that believe in an ethical and respectful approach towards our animals. To all of us who believe in partnerships. To all of you who thanks to horses have been able to grow personally and be transformed.

All our horses, also help in therapy, in fact, they are the pillar that all of the sessions are built upon. We believe that after the Covid-19 we will have to support many more that had to deal with trauma; a lost of a loved one, being in the front line taking care of  the elderly in our nursing homes, doctors and nurses, first attenders, etc. In this difficult times, they are of great importance on helping our community to carry on. Each of our horses specialises in an area, please have a look at their profile to find out more.

We believe that with our work and your help we can create a better equestrian world, no matter which discipline or trend you are following. Our mission as a community is to educate people on the art of the horsemanship whilst training horses that have been disposed as useless after a bad human equine interaction. These same horses are the masters of our teachings.
We invest a lot of our training and Knowledge preparing horses for assisted or equine therapies, as well as educating their handlers and coaches to look after them in an ethically and respectfully manner. Our team also works very close with La Fundació la Manreana (fundaciolamanreana.org) and Taller Baix Camp (tallerbaixcamp.org ), both organisations dedicated to look after and prepare people with disabilities.

Whilst on service we always keep in mind the root of the paradigm: help humans develop better relationships with their beloved horses. Bringing a new dimension to what it means to live in harmony with nature and other human beings, establishing a better relationship with ourselves as well as the world we live in.

For more information on our community work and enviromental work, please contact us

If you can, please give us a hand; no matter if you can give little or a lot, any little bit of help will be greatly appreciated; please share and help us, and don’t forget to look at our packages.

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Our little family of horses each have their own special story which we have included, they each need sponsors.

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