What makes us different?

Pikdame was created to become a space where to enjoy calmness and tranquility, a place to develop our talents and enjoy building up a relationship and friendship with horses, a relationship were mutual respect and understanding are the solid ground where to build further .  A physical space as well as an emotional place to be.


Horses see and experience the world very differently from us, our way of training takes this into consideration and it’s based on the principle of respecting the horse nature.


We offer our clients the choice of stabling their horses, live in or out. The well-being of the horses is uppermost. Fresh air and open space, good quality food with a well balanced diet, interaction with other horses and a team dedicated to take care of their needs are the pillars of our livery service.

overnight stabling
Overnight Stabling

Our privileged location allows welcoming horses on transit.


Our riding lessons and the service that we provide is based on a fundamental principle, to ensure that the learning process enables for happy horses and happy people.

Our horses